01. - 01. Jan. 1970

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Kaizen Institute Consulting Group Mexico, concerned about the new generations, has decided to contribute its knowledge to all interested in carrying out the KAIZEN™ Methodologies, for that reason we are launching the project with this week focused on practicing KAIZEN™ knowledge in a Workshop and implementing it in ordinary tasks of each of our work areas.


Kaizen Institute desarrollo este diplomado para dar a conocer los principios y estructura de los Sistemas de Gestión Integrados y desarrollar una planeación estratégica de Seguridad en Cadena de Suministros con las normas más actuales


The KAIZEN™ Healthcare training program teaches continuous improvement practices in the Healthcare sector. Its main goal is to prepare attendees to implement Improvement Projects through the design and enforcement of improvement solutions in the different areas of healthcare units.


KAIZEN™ for Office je metodologija koja se koristi za kancelarijski prostor. Kao i za proizvodne pogone, KAIZEN™ se koristi i u kancelarijama, gde je takođe bitno stvoriti disciplinu o uređenosti radnog prostora. Pored metoda i alata o uređivanju kancelarijskih prostorija, koriste se alati za disciplinu koja raste kod zaposlenih.

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