Master Black Belt Six Sigma

This certification is focused on providing an advanced approach to Six Sigma projects and statistical methods. The program goes beyond the traditional Black Belt skills and incorporates new tools to achieve the reduction of errors at the master level.

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21. Aug. - 25. Oct. 2019

Monterrey, N.L.


82500 MXN

Our Training Goals

The aim of the training is to provide the participants with theoretical and practical knowledge of statistical and managerial tools at the Master Black Belt level.

What you learn

• Introduction to the MBB program
• MBB Roles and Responsibilities
• Definition of variables
• Project baseline
• Goodness of fit tests
• Transformation of non-normal data
• Techniques to convert discrete data to continuous
• Analysis of the system of Measurement, Bias and linearity
• R & R Discrete and continuous destructive
• Isoplot for the estimation of an MSA
• Review of the Analysis Phase
• Hypothesis Tests
• Variance of components
• Use of Optimizers in DOE
• Response surface and optimization
• Robust design and signal to noise (Taguchi)
• Sample size and collection

• Reliability (MTBW, weibull distributions)
• Loss of quality function (Taguchi)
• Minimization of the variance of a process
• Advanced regression
• Non-parametric statistics
• PCA (main components analysis)
• An overview of Multivariate Methods
• Matrices and data vectors in a Multivariate analysis
• Normal Multivariate Distribution
• Hotelling's T2
• Hotelling Multivariate T2 control chart
• Decomposition of an Outlier in a Multivariate control chart
• EWMA chart
• Dynamic characteristics

Definition and currents of coaching •
Application and coaching clinics •
Balance scorecard and applications •
Detailed work structure •
Planning, execution and control •
Time and cost estimation methods •
PMI project management •
The nine areas of knowledge •
Private conversations •
Application of the traffic light scheme •
Negotiation and conflicts •
Emotional intelligence •

Master Black Belt Six Sigma

82500 MXN

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